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Thanks for that John, as former residents now in Australia, I was in the happy position of spending some time in Chatburn last year and caught up with friends from my youth and neighbours as well as my old school head Ted Boden, and Daphne & Roy at the butchers (Daphne "babysat" us as kids).
The site you have developed is considerably better organised than the previous one, although Nick did a great job on the e-chatburn site.

Over the next couple of months I'll put together a "memories of Chatburn" for you as my family caused a rather large hole in the village when we left for the Antipodes in 1963, as you would expect with Parents and 7 kids. The memoir will be that of all of us combined, so should have some insights worthy of publication.

I am continuing my communications with Lynnette Lonsdale (my childhood friend), and always enjoy hearing what is happening in the old village. You never quite lose your connection.

All the best to all in the village and talk again soon.

Arthur Stevens
Internet Designers to Melbourne

Just thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed looking at the new site. One of the photos that interested me was one of Downham Road; I was born at no.58 and never knew till now that 56 58 60 had iron railings in front of them. Before my time I hasten to add.

Maybe some of your older visitors to the site may remember my Granddad Wilf Buckley who did a lot of minor electrical repairs for the village folk also by the way for several years he was the projectionist at the Whalley cinema, (we used to get in free) I look forward to seeing what else comes up on your site keep up the good work. They say you should never look back but I will always remember my times in Chatburn.

As you know I only live down the road in the big city but once a Chatburner always a Chatburner.

Lionel Nash

Dear Webmaster

I was so pleased to get the address for your site. My father was P.C. Tom Bacon who was in Chatburn for 25 years. I was born in 1939 at the Police Station. We left Chatburn in 1947.

I now live in Perth Western Australia, but Chatburn still means such a lot to me. I spent the happiest time of my life there. We have been back to visit many times, the latest was four years ago. I have some old photos of Chatburn and my father. I will send them to you when I can.

I received your website address from Harry Johnson, who I first got in touch with via the "Chatburn School Friends Reunited" website.

My sister Margery is now 82 and living in Staffordshire. She spent her teenage years in Chatburn and was married from there. I am sure she would remember Audrey Stretch. I think Audrey's Father must have been Mr Stretch, the Minister.

Nice to be in touch. Best wishes and hope to hear from you soon.

Anne Greenhalgh (nee Bacon)

I came across your. Website following a conversation recently with a friend who brought up the subject of war time bombing in East Lancs and although I have several cuttings from local newspapers,my wife discovered your website which I congratulate you upon,and I found it very interesting,with all the information about the village.
I moved to the village in early 1939,my parents having taken over the newsagents shop No.1 Downham Road and attended Chatburn school, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see my photograph on the 1939/40 school photo.
I then attended Clitheroe Grammar School and it was whilst there that I too saw the German bomber. We had gone to the sports field at High Moor to play football when just as we were about to start, the plane, approaching from the Chatburn direction and just above tree top height came over the field, we could clearly see the pilot and also the rear gunner, it then circled round Clitheroe and shortly afterwards a huge bang followed by smoke,obviously the bombs on Chatburn.I was allowed home early, and as I was delivering the evening newspapers to the bottom half of the village,I too saw all the debris etc. and the damage caused, but was lucky as apart from a strained back door our home had no other damage.
I left and returned to Blackburn in 1945 but still remember those happy years. I still pass through Chatburn occasionally, as I now live in Skipton and see how the village is changing, but it has to, I suppose.
Thank you once again for the good work you have done for the site.
Fred Yates